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Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

ZFNGenome: A comprehensive resource for locating Zinc Finger Nuclease target sites in model organisms (2012)
Reyon, D., Kirkpatrick, J., Sander, J., Voytas, D., Joung, J., Dobbs, D., & Coffman, C.

RNABindR: Software for prediction of RNA Binding Residues in proteins (2006)
Terribilini, M., Honavar, V. and Dobbs, D.

PRIDB: The Protein-RNA Interaction Database
Lewis, B.A., Walia, R.R., Terribilini, M., and Dobbs, D.

ZiFiT: Software for engineering Zinc Finger proteins for specific Targets (2006)
Sander, J., Voytas, D. and Dobbs, D.

INDUS: Intelligent Data Understanding System (2005)
Caragea D., Silvescu, A., Pathak, J., Bao, J., Andorf, C., Yan, C., Dobbs, D., & Honavar, V.

PPIDB: Protein-Protein Interface Database (2006)
Wu, F., Zaback, P., Yan, C., Pathak, J., Dobbs, D., Honavar, V.

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